Covid 19 Info!

Like most everyone out there right now, I'm currently quarantining myself due to Covid-19. But yes, my shop is still up and running and I'm taking extra precautions to make sure your purchase gets to you safely! Because of the quarantine, I'll be reducing my trips to the post office to once a week so it might take a couple of extra days in processing times. 

All of my apparel is outsourced through, and here are the precautions they are taking with your orders:

Here is some important info involving the spread of the Coronavirus through mail:

Thank you again for supporting small businesses and artists in a time like this. It's very scary out there for everyone and I cannot express to you how grateful I am that you're supporting us! Artetak is run 100% by me and I have 4 kitties, a snake, a lizard, and an out of work bartender boyfriend to support right now so THANK YOU!!!

Take care of yourself! Social distance you beautiful dummies