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Want a way to show your support for me each month while getting some pretty rad benefits in return? Join my Patreon!

What the heck is Patreon? 
Patreon is a monthly subscription service based site where you can show your support for various artists! 

Well what do I get out of supporting you on dang Patreon, hm??
I have three different tiers for you to join on Patreon. My $10 a month patrons are signed up for my mystery Print/Sticker club! Each month they get a mystery mini print and sticker shipped to their house! These designs are exclusive to Patreon! Not only that, they get access to my Patreon exclusive shop where all of the leftover rewards from past months are available for purchase. They also get to check out WIPs of art and sneak peeks at upcoming merch! 
My $5 a month Patrons get access to the shop, WIPs of art, and sneak peeks at upcoming merch. My $2 a month Patrons get access to the shop!

I signed up towards the end of the month, do I get this month's reward or next month's?
You start off getting the reward of the month you sign up in. If you sign up on the last day of June, for example, you'll still get June's reward!

Where do I join??!!!

Where is the Patreon exclusive shop?
The password for the shop is in a pinned post on my Patreon page!